Monday, 29 October 2007

Class 1 - Tasting Christmas for The First Time

There is nothing more innocent than a baby at Christmas. The way she experiences it all for the very first time. Seeing your little one’s eyes light up at the sight of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, tearing the paper from his very first present and playing with the box it came in. Capture the wonder of it all in this beautiful layout, perfect for your pre-Christmas photo-shoot or one of last year’s favourite photos. You could even complete the layout ready for the addition of a photo you will take this Christmas Day.

To secure your place in this course, please email me or visit my classroom and follow the directions for signing up there. I will send you an enrolment key that enables you to enter the course and join in on the fun.

Click here for additional information & materials list
Price: AU $20 / US $18 approx.
Enrolment: 27th of October 2007 - 1st of December 2007
Start Date: 3rd of December 2007
Course Length: 1 week
Skill Level: Intermediate

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