Thursday, 12 June 2008

Walk around the Rocks

Yesterday, I went on a walking tour of the Rocks area in Sydney. It was a Year 4 excursion with my daughter's school. I took my camera and got some good shots of the architecture in the area. I thought I would share some with you.

A photo of an old storehouse built by convicts. All those sandstone blocks were hand quarried and shaped by the convicts. Each convict had a differnt way of marking the blocks which was their signature and a way of checking that they did their daily quota of work.

This photo was taken at the site of the ruins of some of the first houses ever built at The Rocks.
The front of the first bank in NSW. Now a Westpac Bank.

This is the front of the Merchant's House which has been turned into an educational resource. The Step Back in Time Tours are based here.

This old door lead down to the underground kitchen of the Merchant's House.

I found this image of the building across the street relected in a window hard to resist.

This is a photo of a doorway on the front of a buiding that was actually a hidden laneway leading to another world of ruins of the first house built at The Rocks.

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